About Green Net Zero

Formed in 2022, Green Net Zero Limited was created with the sole focus of delivering projects which decarbonise existing buildings. The UK’s Net Zero Strategy relies heavily on buildings to achieve its 2050 target, with 80% of the buildings that will be present by that point already built and operational.

We pull on a wealth of experience and knowledge in the mechanical and electrical sector to advise our customers on the most technically and commercially suitable solutions to replace carbon-intensive technologies currently used in their buildings.

Green Net Zero is positioned to work directly for end-users, sustainability and building consultants, and facility managers, offering a single point of contact to undertake projects from concept to delivery. We work closely with our network of market-leading partners to offer a full range of mechanical and electrical services throughout the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Our primary aim is to deliver high-quality projects that provide the biggest impact on our client’s carbon reduction strategies.

James Smurthwaite – Co-Founder

James Smurthwaite

I am passionate about low-carbon technologies and the wider sustainability landscape. After graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2007, I embarked on a career in industrial and process cooling. During this time I gained an understanding of evaporative and refrigerant products and worked on some sizeable projects.

My interest in low carbon heating and cooling solutions took hold in 2013 after joining Daikin Air Conditioning, one of the market-leading manufacturers of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) products. Here I supported mechanical building service consultants with their mechanical designs. It was during this time that I saw the benefits of heat recovery, and heat pump technology, using it to improve energy efficiency.

In 2017, following a 3-year spell working in Data Centre Cooling, I took a role at Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems, working on commercial applications requiring the replacement of central plant equipment. During my time there, I saw the market shift towards an electric economy, using heat pump solutions to replace fossil fuels. In 2019, I moved into the key accounts team, supporting end-users directly with their HVAC strategies, and this was where I realised the need for supporting these clients with their net-zero plans, in particular low carbon heating.

Wanting to focus purely on supporting the UK’s Net Zero Strategy for heat and buildings, I co-founded Green Net Zero. I’m excited about making a positive difference to my clients, as well as playing a part in tackling climate change.

Kim Jenkins

Kim Jenkins

I am an ocean enthusiast with a love for marine life nurtured through scuba diving, and the conservation of our oceans is a subject close to my heart.

In 2006, I started working in the Social Housing sector and soon developed an interest in the built environment. I spent time working with our development team and completed a HNC in housing law, building & construction & housing development which led me into managing a team responsible for refurbishing empty properties before re-letting. I led my team to plan and work efficiently, resulting in reducing the re-let time from 39 to 15 days, saving hundreds of thousands in lost revenue and receiving an award for excellence.

Redundancy after 9 years led me to the Mechanical & Electrical industry where I have worked in operations – overseeing both the admin team and a team of contract managers to ensure projects were delivered on time & within budget. Since 2017, I have been working within the business support side, developing processes, gaining accreditations, managing HR and ensuring compliance. I’m unafraid of challenges and I’m always ready to adapt and evolve.

I joined Green Net Zero at the start of 2023, to team with James in contributing to carbon reduction strategies by supporting businesses with sustainable practices and lowering energy usage.

Barkley the dog

Barkley The Dog (Chief Canine Officer)

Meet Barkley, the pawsitively indispensable Chief Canine Officer at Green Net Zero!

With a wagging tail and an unjudging gaze, he provides the best kind of moral support—silently encouraging and never critical. When he’s not busy boosting team morale, you can find him doubling as a part-time cleaner, expertly tackling any lunchtime spillages with his swift, snack-seeking snout.

A true eco-warrior, Barkley is committed to the planet, dining exclusively on sustainable insect protein. His mantra? “Leave no carbon pawprints behind!” Join Barkley as he leads by furry example, making Green Net Zero a lighter, brighter, and slightly furrier place to work.