Our Four Stage Approach

At Green Net Zero we can provide value to all levels of staff and stakeholders within your business. Whether you’re a financial director in a school, an estates manager at a building management company, or the head of sustainability for a retail group, we provide you with the data you need to make the right decisions and plan for the future. At Green Net Zero we’re driven to play our part in a sustainable and low-carbon future by supporting our clients. In order to optimise project outcomes, we offer guidance to our clients through our 4-stage approach. The primary focus lies in minimising risks and avoiding actions that result in wasted time and financial resources.

Each project we undertake is unique but we follow the same systematic approach every time to ensure we assess and mitigate potential risks, allowing clients to make informed investment decisions throughout the project’s development.

Consequently, this streamlined process eliminates the need for substantial capital investments until there is solid technical assurance that the proposed installations will provide the impact intended. We take charge of managing these steps on your behalf, recognising that undertaking such responsibilities would otherwise burden staff with additional workload and stress.

Our Four Stage Approach is as follows

  • 1
    Stage One: Survey and Report
  • 2

    Stage Two: Design and Specification

  • 3
    Stage Three: Project Tendering
  • 4

    Stage Four: Project Implementation

However we offer a flexible service so you are not obliged to undertake each of these stages. For example, your company may prefer to use your own contractors to undertake the proposed works but require us to project manage.

  • Survey and Report

    Journey to Decarbonisation Energy Audit – Net Zero Roadmap Development – Stranded Asset Survey

    Once we’ve advised you on the report which is right for your needs and requirements we will undertake the relevant survey and produce the detailed report based on our findings. This report will give you all the information you need to make a considered decision on the next steps of your journey.

  • Design and Specification

    Once our Stage One reports have been submitted, we provide the opportunity to hold a client workshop to discuss our findings and recommendations. At the end of this workshop there will be an agreed plan of measures and behaviours that can be further developed and implemented.

    While some measures are relatively easy to implement, we realise that others take further time to develop and specify.

    Stage Two will look at low carbon heating, LED light upgrades, solar PV, fabric upgrades, controls and other measures in more detail, resulting in the production of a scope of works and specification. This will typically require additional visits to your site to investigate the practicalities of replacing or upgrading the existing equipment you have on site.

    We will also consider any funding streams that may be available to help ease the commercial implications of delivering some of the more complex energy and carbon reduction measures. At

    the end of this stage, a full design pack will be produced, allowing contractors tendering for the works to provide a comprehensive quotation that realises the carbon and energy savings available.

  • Project Tendering

    Next we carry out a competitive tender on your behalf. Where possible we will propose local or current partners to quote for the works. We provide access to our established network of partners to provide technical proposals.

    Our support will also include;

    • Pre-construction information for the project as part of the paroject delivery services.

    • Drafting JCT or NEC Contract in preparation for the construction

    • Issuing a tender package to contractors (minimum of 3, maximum of 5), then coordinating the tender process and attending site visits as required.

    • Following the contractor tender submissions, we would provide a tender report with information on the responses along with a comparison of costs and programme submissions.

    • Recommending the contractor which provides the best value for money.

    • Organising a meeting to agree on the contractor selection, programme and budget for the project phase.

    • Confirming project financing agreement

    • Planning application support

    • Supporting negotiation of final installer contracts

  • Project Implementation

    Once delivery partners have been identified and contracts are signed off at stage 3, our support can continue. We offer the ability to provide full project management of any works, ensuring carbon/energy reduction opportunities are realised.

    We always act on behalf of our clients.

    This will involve

    • Informing the contractor and scheduling the works.

    • Reviewing and commenting on the construction phase H&S plan as part of the PD services.

    • Managing the HSE notification, if applicable, under CDM regulations.

    • Providing contract administration services for a JCT or NEC contract.

    • Co-ordinating the works on site, including chairing a pre-start meeting on site and attending site for progress meetings.

    • Providing weekly reports on the progress of the works.

    • Agreeing variations to the original schedule of works as required and in agreement

    with you.

    • Snagging of works as they progress so as to reduce programme over-run. However, at the completion of the works, we will also draw up a snagging list in association with the contractor and agree timescales for their rectification.

    • At the completion of the works, in association with the contractor, we will compile the O&M manual and H&S file for your records.

    • Commissioning witnessing

    • Securing correct subsidies and grants where applicable

    • Alignment of control strategy with existing BMS/BEMS systems if present.