In addition to mechanical system improvements, we work with several key partners to help deliver a full net-zero strategy for your buildings. These solutions include low carbon lighting, on-site power generation, vehicle charging, and building energy management systems. Our partners have a wealth of experience with over 100 years of experience in property and renewable energy. They work directly with Europe’s leading manufacturers to deliver the best value, ensuring the best return to your project.


Future Leap Finance are able to provide our customers with well priced funding that is 100% sustainable for their circumstances and the technology being considered. Their panel of lenders are chosen due to their approach to ESG from an internal perspective together with a forward thinking approach to impact ending and scrutiny, ensuring an ethical source of funds.

One of the biggest barriers to helping buildings achieve net zero is funding, and with Future Leap Finance as a key partner, we’re able to provide our clients with solutions that are paid for through the energy savings they provide. Options for structured finance and leasing are available, depending on your specific requirements.

hysopt partner logo

Hysopt supports Green Net Zero by helping optimise and design highly efficient heating and cooling systems, helping to maximise our clients operational margins. In the ever-changing HVAC market, the complexities of these systems are intensifying, alongside a rising demand for high-efficiency solutions. Hysopt addresses these challenges head-on with innovative physics- and cloud-based software that simplifies the complexity of modern HVAC systems.

By focusing on system-level engineering rather than individual components, Hysopt enables us to design and optimise systems that achieve maximum efficiency and performance. This software allows us to;

Meet increasing expectations – Provide our clients with physics-based solutions and offer multiple transparent design options, considering Carbon, CAPEX and OPEX, while also de-risking EPC/ESCO projects.

Reduce failure costs – Anticipate and avoid unnecessary costs by eliminating errors in the design process. Ensure realistic project costs by implementing a guaranteed correct design from the very beginning.

Warneford Consulting partner logo

Green Net Zero has partnered with Warneford Consulting to offer schools a comprehensive range of energy-related services, assisting them in their transition towards a decarbonised future.

Navigating the initial steps towards sustainability can be challenging for schools. Many are uncertain about how to begin, the types of funding and green finance options that comply with the Academy Trust Handbook, the potential returns on investment from various renewable energy solutions, and which technologies are suitable for their specific building types.

Recognising these complexities, our goal is to simplify the process. We provide schools with access to leading-edge partners and technologies that address all facets of estate decarbonization.

Together, we assist schools in assessing the current performance of their building infrastructure and, in a time of escalating gas and electricity costs, help them understand the returns on investment that can be achieved through suitable renewable energy technologies and efficiency improvements.

Warneford Consulting serves as a central hub, offering a network of independent experts in academy funding and estate strategy, dedicated to helping schools maintain, enhance, and optimise their facilities. This collaboration ensures that schools can achieve sustainable, efficient, and high-quality teaching environments.

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One Point Five specialises in decarbonisation strategies, aiming to drive organisations towards a net-zero carbon future. We use their unique suite of software tools and services to assist in defining and achieving sustainable objectives. The core of their offering is the Decarbonisation Hub, a comprehensive platform that allows our clients to measure, define, and act on their carbon consumption and reduction strategies. The hub includes tools for visualising energy consumption and crafting strategic, project-focused change management plans tailored to an organisation’s specific goals.

One Point Five emphasises a holistic approach to environmental sustainability, considering the impact on local communities and aiming for long-term prosperity rather than short-term gains. Their mission aligns closely with Green Net Zero’s objectives by supporting the transition of built environments to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing both financial sustainability and industry recognition.

By collaborating with One Point Five, Green Net Zero can leverage this technology to further enhance the effectiveness of energy-related services provided to our clients, particularly in optimising the energy efficiency of building projects.

BGR partner logo

Green Net Zero has formed a strategic partnership with BGR to enhance educational spaces through sustainable development. BGR’s innovative outdoor classrooms are specifically designed to provide a bright, comfortable, and inspiring environment that enhances the educational experience for both students and teachers. These classrooms feature advanced temperature control and ventilation systems, providing a constant flow of fresh air and optimal acoustics, crucial for maximising concentration and productivity in learning.

This collaboration with BGR aligns with Green Net Zero’s commitment to supporting sustainable building practices and reducing carbon footprints in educational institutions, helping contribute to the creation of learning environments that are both functional and forward-thinking.