Stranded Asset Survey

A stranded asset is a building that is falling behind the increasingly stringent environmental requirements. Buildings must meet high standards of EPC rating and failure to do so will result in a less commercially appealing asset for landlords, investors and tenants.

New energy regulations known as Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) came into force in April 2023. These standards could result in offices and other commercial buildings being un-lettable if they fail to meet EPC rating of Band E. This is set to be further increased to EPC Band C by 2027 and Band B by 2030.

We aim to help landlords and developers understand the current EPC Rating of buildings in their portfolio, and the measures that can be implemented to improve the rating to the desired level. These measures are carefully considered, and presented as a fully costed options appraisal, with return on investment (ROI), impact analysis and subsequent improvements of each individual solution.

building epc rating

Our aim is to provide landlords and developers with an efficient capital investment programme that will allow them to clearly understand the financial requirements of achieving future standards and the potential EPC improvement of their building after investment. Likewise, for those looking to consider the purchase of commercial properties for let, we can provide our survey as part of your purchase decision.

Improving the EPC Rating of your buildings will not only protect you from future changes, but it will also increase its commercial and rental value as well as how lettable it is.